EP Electric Wine Aerator for Red & White Wine, Instant Wine Aerator, One-Button Press Electric Wine Decanter Pourer, Black Gold

  • Aeration Tech: The electric wine Aerator increases six times oxidation contact surface and greatly shortens aerating time than classic ones. Once the wine is drawn up into the aerator, air is instantly filled too, thus the wine will accomplish improved pleasant oxidation flavors to give you an impressive taste.
  • Instant Supply: Generally 1.2 ounce red wine is poured into the glass( with pretty bubbles) every 2 seconds, greatly saving time compared to traditional decanters. It can be used at any occasion like family event, friends gathering, commercial reception, park picnic, barbecue buffet, party, etc. No matter where you go, the electric wine air aerator will be your wine's best friend.
  • Easy to use: Just fix the straw hose to the electric wine aerator pourer bottom connector, then plug-in 4 pieces of AAA batteries and tighten the cap, finally press the button on top, you will see wine coming out the spout into the glass at a really nice flow, while making no splash or mess around.
  • Universal Compatibility: The instant wine aerator is designed to fit most wine bottles, and also can be used as a wine stopper to store unfinished wine, guaranteeing a tight seal.
  • Cleaning and Storage: The waterproof wine aerator decanter is easy to clean, just place it on a wine bottle filled with water and press the top button to rinse, then dry it. Its small size is portable and super convenient for storage.

The electric wine aerator will instantly create nice oxidation flavors to the wine due to its latest high-efficient aerating design. It's a practical accessory for wine, whiskey, champagne, scotch, carafe, and beer without long waits at any occasion like leisure space, dinner, company gathering, picnic, buffet and various parties, etc. Wherever you go, it will be your wine's best friend. Therefore, our electric wine aerator will be a great choice and a unique gift item to you. **Specifications:** **Weight:** 0.35 lbs (160g) **Dimensions:** 5.7 * 4.8 * 2.17 in (14.5 * 12.2 * 5.5 cm), **Straw Tube Length:** 10.8 in (27.4 cm) **Pump Flow:** 60.9 - 67.6 oz/min (1.8 - 2.0 L/min) **Pressure:** 100 Kpa **Volume:** 1.2 oz/2 sec **Components:** Button, Cap Cover, Pump Device, Battery Compartment, Spout, Bottom, Injection Opening & Tube. **Color:** Black Gold/Silver/Red, Woodgrain Red/Silver. **Features:** Portable electric wine aerator pourer/breather decanter/air aerator/airrater/aspirator/dispenser. Increase six times oxidation surface than gravity-injected decanter to create pleasant flavor of fruity wines. Generally adapt for most standard-size wine bottles. Simple one-button press control operation.   Instantly aerate the wine and save time, while the airtight rubber seal to ensure the wine in the bottle still fresh. Include two flexible straw tubes, importantly their length are long enough to reach the bottom of shorter or taller wine bottles thus drawing out the last drop of wine. Easy cleaning, maintenance, installation and detachment. Unique non-splash metal spout design. Durable service life and battery energy saving. Battery operated, 4 * AAA batteries (Not included in this kit). **Package Included:** 1 * Electric Wine Aerator 2 * Flexible Tube 1 * User Manual View Details

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