Utopia Home Metal Napkin Holder - Chrome Finishing - Decorative Flat Wire

  • 14 x 9 x 14 cm napkin holder takes minimal table/counter space whenever in use
  • Easily hold a good quantity of napkins vertically to avoid the hassle of filling it up again in quick time
  • Decorative napkin holder with chrome finishing beautifies the holder's appearance and complements any decor
  • Top quality metal to make sure that it can stay in great shape for long
  • Great for both, indoor and outdoor conditions; Ideal for home, restaurant, office use

Elegantly Shaped Flat Wire Napkin Holder for Organizing Napkins in One Place An elegantly shaped flat wire napkin holder for keeping your napkins organized in one place so that they can be ready for use at all times. Its slim and sleek design with dimensions of 14 x 9 x 14 cm, allows it to take minimal table/counter space. The appropriate sizing of the holder allows it to hold a good quantity of napkins vertically so that you don't need to go through the hassle of filling it up again in quick time. **Top Quality Metal Construction with Chrome Finishing** It's solidly constructed using top quality metal which ensures that the holder stays in great shape for long so that you can have the best use of it. The chrome finishing on the flat wire design beautifies the holder's appearance, giving a modern look to your table/counter as it complements the surrounding well.Serves You Best on Various Occasions It's an ideal choice to make when it comes to hosting small to large parties, events, gatherings and more. Its tough construction makes sure that it serves you best in both, indoor and outdoor conditions. It's great for home, restaurant, and office use. View Details

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