Regency Wraps Greaseproof Baking Cups, Cobalt Blue Polka Dots, 40-Count, Standard.

  • Approximately 40 count cool cobalt blue with white polka dots non-stick, Standard cupcake pan liners
  • Made in the use with high grade swedish greaseproof paper, which prevents oil spots
  • Makes removal from pan easy
  • Great for muffins, cupcakes, candy, nuts and more
  • 1.875" bottom x 1.25" wall for Standard size cupcakes and muffins
  • Approximately 40

Give your cupcakes a professional look with regency patisserie grade Greaseproof baking Cups. Made in the USA with Swedish Greaseproof baking paper, which prevents grease from soaking through so baked goods stay fresh looking longer. View Details

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