Regency Wraps RW105 White with Foil Lining to Retain Heat Hamburger Bags 100 count

  • Excellent heat and cold retention plus superior grease and moisture protection
  • Great for back yard BBQ, birthday parties, tail gate parties, stadium picnics &school lunches
  • Can be used for hamburgers, Panini's, pita pockets or any hot sandwich
  • Measures 6. 5" Length x 6" Width with 3/4" Side gusset for easy loading 100Count
  • Made in USA

Handy hamburger bags for backyard cookouts and parties. Made of durable laminated foil, this bag is grease resistant and retains heat. Cook up plenty of hamburgers a head of time and serve them hot when guests arrive. Guests' Hands stay clean while enjoying a delicious hot treat. Great for hamburgers, pita pockets and Panini's or any hot sandwich. View Details

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