Coloris Garlic Press and Peeler Set, Stainless Steel Rust Proof, Garlic Mincer Silicone Tube Roller, with Cleaning Brush Easy Clean

  • Solid Stainless Steel: Since the garlic press is made from solid, high quality stainless steel, and the peeler tube roller from tough FDA approved silicone, these cooking gadgets are rusting and coorosion proof
  • Suit for Gralic and Ginger: This garlic mincer enables you also to mince ginger, crush peanuts and chop nuts in a breeze. Thanks to its heavy-duty and oleophobic construction, you can easily mince both unpeeled garlic cloves and peeled ginger root easily
  • Easy Squeeze Easy Clean: The large comfortable handles and ingenious design make squeezing a breeze, even for those with weaker grip or small hands. Whats more, clean up is super simple too. Just rinse under water, dishwasher safe
  • Good Grip: The ergonomic distance between the hopper and the soft handle minimizes pressure and maximizes leverage, providing good grip even for weak hands, anti slip handle
  • Vital Kitchen Accessories: Along with the multipurpose garlic crusher, you'll also receive an easy-to-use silicone clove peeler tube and cleaning brush, These gadgets will keep the chopper all clean easy and easy storage

**Stainless Steel Garlic Press, Mincer and Crusher with Garlic Rocker and Peeler Set - Professional Grade Dishwasher safe, Rusting-proof and Easy to Cleaning** 1.High Quality, Never Rust : Food grade safe stainless steel professional garlic press tool and silicone tube garlic peeler are both FDA approved and extra durable. 2:Easily minces garlic: No more sore palms or aching fingers like you get with other garlic presses. 3.Cook easily, live tastefully : Cooking with garlic doesn't involve smelly hands anymore! You can put the unpeeled cloves straight in the garlic crusher or you can peel them with the silicone tube garlic peeler we added in so you'll have the complete kitchen-pro experience. 4:Garlic Crusher Multiple Uses : Use this garlic press you can easily mince both unpeeled garlic cloves and peeled root ginger. **How To Use** 1\. Insert garlic clove/ginger into the peeler. 2\. Roll back and forth on the table or the countertop. 3\. Tip out perfectly peeled clove. 4\. Insert the clove into the chamber, squeeze and it's done! **Package** 1 x Garlic Press 1 x Silicone Tube Roller 1 x Cleaning Brush View Details

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