Onion Slicer Chopper Dicer Cutter - Vegetable Food Veggie Fruit Professional Chopper Mandoline Slicer - Highest Build Quality - Larger Container - Easily Prep Healthy Meals - Cleaning Kit And Peeler

  • 🥗 Create Simply Great Food With The Vegetable Chopper - For chopping vegetables and onions in no time. For slicing potatoes and tomatoes with no sweat. It truly is the one stop solution to prepare your next healthy and nutritious meals for the family, your friends, partner, or yourself. Our professional heavy duty set takes your cutting and chopping experience to a whole new level
  • 🥒 Be The Next Happy Customer - Your time is very important. With our smartly designed Chopper and Slicer, save your precious time tremendously and make food prepping seem effortless. Brighten up your kitchen with USKITCO Chopper and Slicer with a sleek, easy to store, maintainable, and super functional design. Finally, you can say goodbye to tears from cutting onions and say hello to a big, happy smile
  • 🥔 Designed For Delivering Quality And Value - The best combination you could possibly ask for when it comes to buying a kitchen tool. Chopper and Slicer Set contains 5 types of razor sharp stainless steel blades that chop, slice, dice cleanly and precisely. The base has non-skid feet to keep the chopper from sliding and a hand guard for complete safety. Our food choppers and dicers deliver superb quality and high value to anyone who loves prepping salads, vegan or vegetarian meals
  • 🍅 Cleaning Has Never Been Easier - Cleaning the chopper is incredibly simple and easy. Put it under running water or place it into the top rack of your dishwasher. Now, USKITCO Chopper and Slicer Set includes the cleaning kit with a scraper and brush that easily remove and quickly clean any tiny pieces. It is sure to make your cleaning experience hassle free and simple
  • 🤝 Our Top Priority Is Your Satisfaction - We always strive to deliver the best quality kitchen tools for our customers. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you to resolve any issues. Our goal is to have you always purchase USKITCO products with confidence and satisfaction

**Are you tired of never having enough time or energy to be able to eat healthy? Do you ever find yourself coming home wanting to prepare a healthy meal only to end up eating out again? Do you feel like you have let yourself go from your commitment to health because "being healthy is too difficult" or meal prep "takes too long?"** At USKITCO, we understand that in a day your time is limited. We also understand that you are tired of sacrificing your health because you are exhausted. Your incredibly busy life as a parent or young professional makes it hard to be able to prepare a delicious meal for dinner. We know how difficult it is, because we were there before. Before launching USKITCO, we were exhausted from work and we were unable to eat healthy. Because of this, we gained weight and had little to no energy to do what we love. Because of this, we have committed ourselves to helping you **SAVE TIME** and become **HEALTHIER** through our professional vegetable chopper. With the USKITCO heavy duty veggie chopper, you will be able to chop, dice, cut, and slice like a pro. You will save time and prepare healthy meals for yourself, your family, and significant other by using this easy food chopper. Use it as an onion chopper or onion cutter to take away the dreaded tears from healthy meal prep! With this easy food dicer, you will be able to use it as a vegetable chopper, dicer, slicer, and cutter. Use it as a vegetable slicer or cutter for carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, and fruits! Wash with ease using our high quality cleaning brush for easy clean up. **Less mess, more time, easy meal prep, and a happy and healthier family and lifestyle.** That is our gift from us at USKITCO to you. Get our vegetable chopper and slicer set for easy chops and dices today! View Details

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