Toshiba home bakery SuiPanDa ABP-R100X (W)

■ The OJ is glad bread can make from using the baking pan with a stickiness that was sweet and Motchimochi "炊 (Sui) bread" course ■ millet and vegetables. Rich homemade bread menu ■ cold and rice also, the delicious bread. Even bread that do not use wheat rice bread course ■ flour. Wheat zero bread course ■ have, pizza dough, udon dough also. Other menu ■ Capacity: bread: 1 loaf, has: - 3 people ■ outer diameter (mm): width of about 261 × depth of about 325 × height of about 368 ■ body mass (kg): about 8.0 ■ Accessories: measuring cup , measuring spoon, recipe book View Details

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