Knife Sharpener, MAOKOT Best Kitchen knife Sharpener For Straight And Serrated Knives, 3-Stage Knife Sharpening System

  • 【3-Stsge Knife Sharpener】 Sharpen dull knife quickly with the incredible 3-stage knife sharpening system. The 2nd diamond slot provides general sharpening before the 1st tungsten slot repairs and straightens damaged blades, the 3rd ceramic slot fine tunes for a clean polish.
  • 【Widely Use】You can use this professional knife sharpening tool to sharpen the blades of your kitchen knives, pocketknives, chef's knives, carving knives, cleavers, fillet knives, cook knives,utility knives, boning knives and more.
  • 【Easy To Use】Simply place your dull knife in the sharpening slot and gently pull the knife through a few times for fast, effective sharpening.The non-slip cushion at bottom offers more stable base and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, easy grip.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】Designed with removable sharpening slots which is easy for clean up , rectangle EVA Base which keep the knife sharperner fix tightly on the table so it will not easily move throughout sharpening process.
  • 【Guarantee for Soufull kitchen knives】Please contact customer service for the first time if you have questions or comments, we will reply you ASAP. If the return is caused by the product quality or the mistake from us, we are fully responsibility for all.

Product Material:304 Stainless Steel+ABS black-red **How to use a knife sharpener? ** Here is the solution.Our sharpener is very easy to use: Just hold the knife at a 90 degree angle to the surface(straight up and down),run the blade back and forth. With this sharpener, everyone could get a sharp knife in just seconds.So please do not waste your nice set of kitchen knives. Just make it as sharp as new with our sharpener. **Caution: ** 1.The sharpener is not able to work with serrated, ceramic blades and scissors. 2.Do not push and pull the knife back and forth, use one direction only. 3.Do not put too much downward pressure. 4.Do not put the sharpener into the dishwasher or water. Keep it dry and clean. View Details

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