Ovente BGI201S Infrared 1000 Watts – 7.5” Ceramic Glass Single Plate Cook Countertop Burner, One Plate, One Plate

  • Healthy, portable – hate using a microwave? have the quality and taste of a homemade meal anytime, no matter where you go. It’ s compact, flat, and weighs 3 lbs, making it perfect for dorms, Studios, work, camping, etc.
  • Heats up fast – powered by 120V and 1000-watts, using the same technology as a modern smooth top electric range, it heats up food quickly and evenly without any hot or cold spots
  • Versatile – unlike induction cooktops, all types of cookware work with this burner. But for best results, use flat cookware as close to the size of the burner (7.5&Rdquo; diameter) as possible
  • Attractive, easy to clean – its flat stainless steel housing and sleek crystallite ceramic glass top make this cooktop both functional and stylish, perfect for entertaining guests! to clean, simply wipe with a clean, damp cloth when cool
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – it also comes with ovente’ s 1-year Limited warranty, so snag your infrared burner now while supplies last— absolutely Risk-Free!

Have a hot, freshly-cooked homemade meal wherever you want! ovente’s cooktop burner uses infrared technology, which produces top-of-the- line performance without any cookware restrictions, unlike induction cooktop which require special cookware. Through this, it heats up very quickly and evenly, directing air flow away from your food, leaving no cold or hot spots. It features a thermostat control knob to conveniently set the desired temperature for your cooking. for your reference, these are the approximate temperatures: 1 = 105° f 2 = 125° f 3 = 155° f 4 = 180° f 5 = 212° f it’s also equipped with 1000-watts of power and generates heat and functionality just like a traditional stovetop—except you can take it with you anywhere! it’s flat, compact, and lightweight (3 lbs), which means it's easy to store, whether in a cabinet or a suitcase. Its sleek, modern design flatters any living space, and looks stylish enough to have around guests. Works great as a gift for college students in dorms, young adults living on their own, people with small spaces or RVs/caravans, adventure-seekers, road- trippers, campers, and anti-microwave folks! it is also convenient for people who need a backup stove for a highly reasonable price. Because it's flameless, comes with non-slip rubber feet, and an on/off indicator light, it's safe and easy to operate. operating instructions: plug it in. place cookware of your choice onto the glass surface.when finished cooking, UNPLUG the cooktop and wait for it to cool (minimum 15 Min). once cooled, wipe clean with a damp cloth. View Details

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