Ovente Electric Panini Press Grill and Gourmet Sandwich Maker (GP0620R - Red)

  • WORKS FOR YOU - There's no need to keep checking on your food because its auto shut-off feature works with your food's internal temperature. This means it shuts off exactly when it's thoroughly cooked on the inside.
  • GREAT VERSATILITY - Café-style floating lid adjusts to the thickness of any food, leaving charred grill marks on anything you desire. This means you aren't limited to just paninis or sandwiches, you are free to grill/sear fresh steaks, fish, chicken, chops, and more
  • SAFE - Its cool-touch handle, automatic shut-off, and indicator lights prevent you and your guests from painful accidents. Its compact size also takes up less counter space.
  • PRACTICAL - Its compact size makes it easy to store, and even allows for portability. So go ahead, take it with you on your next trip for deliciously easy hot sandwiches and more!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The non-stick grills are cleaned easily by brushing or wiping off, and the drip tray catches excess fats and liquids, so disposal is made easy. Stainless steel housing only needs to be wiped by a damp, soft cloth

Ovente’s Stainless Steel Electric Gourmet Panini and Sandwich Maker makes grilling virtually foolproof! The 2-slice 10. 2 x 6. 7” non-stick coated plates quickly and evenly heat up your food with 1000-watts of power so there’s no need to flip it, or even watch over it. It comes equipped with Auto Shut-Off technology which turns the grill off when your food is ready. It also has 2 illuminated indicator lights; red tells you that it’s preheating and green tells you it’s ready to cook. The floating lid allows for versatility of foods you can grill with this handy tool. From melty grilled cheese sandwiches to juicy ribeye steaks—this grill does it all! Its convenient automatic settings make it perfect for everyday use, especially for weekdays when you don’t have much time to prepare lunch or dinner. Not only is multitasking easier, but so is clean-up! With its ceramic non-stick plates, food doesn’t stick so you can just wipe it off with a warm, soapy cloth. Just make sure that it has completely cooled before cleaning. The included drip tray catches all excess fats and liquids, so disposal is quick and painless. It also helps make all of your grilled foods healthier by only keeping the fats and oils that add depth to your scrumptious meal, and no extra fat. Grilling is made easy in 4 quick steps: 1. Plug in your grill (red light indicates preheating) 2. Prepare sandwich as normal with your favorite fresh ingredients. Butter your bread if you want golden grill marks. 3. Wait until the green light illuminates, then place sandwich/food on non-stick grill plate. 4. Take it out when it’s done, and enjoy! View Details

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