Bellemain Professional Milk Frother 2-Speed Battery Operated Handheld Milk Frother for Latte, Cappuccino,and Bulletproof Coffee

  • MAKES DRINKS FAST & EASY: Froths dairy/non-dairy milk or cream for latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate or cocktails; blends protein or matcha powder into shakes or tea; emulsifies fats for butter coffee or salad dressings
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: Great for travel, picnics, camping, dorm rooms; cord-free, it uses 2 AA batteries (included)
  • DURABLE & ERGONOMIC: Heavy-duty stainless steel body is contoured for comfortable holding; flat top lets you stand it upright for less counter mess
  • 1-TOUCH SPEED CONTROL: Choose 15,000 RPM for frothing and whipping, 13,000 RPM for blending
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY: If you don't love it, get a free replacement

**Froths and Whips Dairy/Non-Dairy Milk and Cream** Duplicate expensive coffee house lattes and cappuccinos at home, or top hot chocolate, cocktails and desserts with luscious whipped cream. Simply place the Bellemian Cordless Handheld Drink Mixer in any frothing pitcher or tall cup and turn it on. It works with whole, skim or non-fat milk as well as soy, nut and rice milks (although foam thickness will vary depending on fat content). **Blends Powders into Liquids** Enjoy perfectly smooth protein shakes, matcha tea, hot chocolate, baby formula and more. **Emulsifies Fats** Make your own delicious butter coffee, salad dressings or mayonnaise. **Cordless and Compact for Easy Travel** Take it along on business trips, picnics, camping, tailgating, to the office or dorm room. It's powered by 2 AA batteries (included). **2 Speeds with 1-Touch Control** Choose 15,000 RPM for frothing and whipping, or 13,000 RPM for blending. **More Comfort, Less Mess** The Bellemain Cordless Handheld Drink Mixer's ergonomic body is comfortably contoured to reduce hand and wrist strain. The flat top becomes a stand whenever you need to set it down, keeping messy drips off your table or counter. **Durable, Easy-Care Stainless Steel** The body is cast in one piece, with no seams that might crack during use or travel. The whisk and whisk connector are also 100% metal for long-lasting performance. Stainless steel is easy to clean; just wipe off the motor body (do not immerse) and put the whisk in the dishwasher. **2 Year Warranty** The Bellemain Cordless Handheld Drink Mixer is designed and manufactured for exceptional performance, quality and reliability. If you're not satisfied in any way, it's backed by a full replacement guarantee. View Details

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