XProject Sous Vide Cooker, 1000W Immersion Circulator Meat Cooking, Accurate Temperature Control, Digital Display

  • ❤ Precisely Temperature Control: PTC technology with sensitive thermistor accurate to maintain temperature within 5-100° C/41-212° F, constant temperature control provides reliable and consistent result every time. No more overcooking.
  • ❤ Professional Result Every Time: Xproject Sous Vide Cooker brings professional restaurant cooking technology to home, enables you to produce results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method. No dry edges and no rare centers. Juices and flavors don't escape. Food comes out perfectly moist and tender.
  • ❤ Easy to Use: Simply attach the Sous Vide Cooker to any pot, add water, drop in desired food in a sealed bag, build in timer and precise temperature control allows you to step away and relax. Without expensive Wi-fi & Bluetooth feature, reduce your cost, focus on the core functionality of the sous vide cooker itself. Stainless steel sleeve makes it extremely easy to clean and dry out.
  • ❤ Powerful Circulator Heating: Features a 360 directional pump that keeps water temperature throughout the cooking bath uniformly, making sure that individual portions of food cook evenly. Built with smart sensors to monitor water level and a flexible clamp to fit most pots and containers.
  • ❤ Worry-free Shopping: Approved with advanced safety technology(ETL, ROHS, REACH),safety and durability of use. 2 year warranty and service forever included. Please contact us if you have any problems during the use. We are always here.

**Why choose XProject sous vide cooker?** ☑Removable stainless steel sleeve for easy cleaning. ☑Turn the scroll wheel - effortlessly set the temperature and time. ☑Touchscreen Control Panel-easily switch from °C to °F. ☑Ergonomic Grip-durable rubberized coating gives you a comfortable hold. ☑Indicator shows when the device is working, charging or if there is an error. ☑Safety Feature-will only work when inserted in water above the Min level. If removed it will stop working. **How it works?** 1.Clip the Sous Vide cooker onto a pot or container. Add water to in between the Min and Max lines. 2.Put food and all ingredients in a bag,seal the bag and clip to the side of the pot (or use a vacuum bag ). 3.Press the ON button for 3 seconds and then it will bleep and the display will turn on. The display will show the current temperature. 4.Turn the scroll wheel to set correct time and temperature (reference cookbook) **Product Specification:** ◆Temperature Min : 5°C (41°F) ◆Temperature Max : 100°C ( 212°C) ◆Pump Speed : 8.5LPM / 2.25GPM ◆Directional Pump : 360 Degree ◆Safety : Bi-Metal Fuse ◆Power Input : 110-120VAC ◆Heating Power : 1000W ◆ETL CERTIFIED View Details

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