Sous Vide, AUKUYEE Sous Vide Machine Immersion Circulator Sous Vide Cooker Sturdy Stainless Steel Circulator with Smart Operation Panel & Recipe, Peaceful, 1100W, White, Update Version

  • PROFESSIONAL COOKER - AUKUYEE sous vide brings you all kinds of food in a perfect quality which can reach the level of Michelin, from beef, chicken, pork, seafood, egg, pasta, chocolate, salad, dessert to vegetarian. No professional cook is needed, you can enjoy the delicious food more easily.
  • PRECISION OF TIME & TEMPERATURE - Wide range of temperature setting 0-99.5°C(0-211.1℉)and time setting (Max: 99.9hours) satisfy you with all kinds of cooking. Digital display panel makes the temperature accurate to 0.2°C. Immersion circulator help you to keep the freshness, nutrients and juice of food, providing you a good taste.
  • EASY TO USE & SMART - AUKUYEE sous vide cooker can heat the water in a 360° circulation and monitors the water level with a smart sensors. What you have to do is to place the sealed food into the sous vide machine and press the button and then you can enjoy the food. It will bring more convenience for your work and life.
  • PERFECT DESIGN & SINGLE - HAND OPERATION: This immersion circulator comes with food grade stainless steel, overheat and low water level protection mechanism and light indicator function. Low noise will be appeared. Otherwise, You can operate it with one single hand.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & GUARANTEE - AUKUYEE sous vide machine has been approved by RoHs,REACH, TüV, GS, and ETL with a 2-years warranty. Please contact us if you have any problem, we will reply you inside 24 hours. AUKUYEE aims to provide you the best service and products!

Why choose AUKUYEE sous vide? AUKUYEE sous vide leads you a healthier and more convenient life. As a professional cooker and friendly kitchen partner, it can help you to keep the nutrients, juice, freshness and texture, you can enjoy the Michelin results at home easily. The user-friendly design can save your energy, money and time. Features: Light Indicator - You can know the features of the cooking food through the light indicator which is on the right of the time display. Red is preheating, green means temperature is reached, blue means the holding time is reached. Low Water Level Protection Mechanism - The sous vide precision cooker will turn off the power automatically when the water level is under the minimum level. No watching is needed and overheat will not happen. Touch Screen Control - It is convenient for you to set the time and temperature. Pressing the button, you can enjoy your delicious food few hours later. 360° Circulation Heating – Water will be heated in a 360° circulation, which is faster than the other sous vide bath machine. Uniform heating will provide you a better taste. Sous Vide Cooking in 4 Steps: 1\. Place food and seasonings into a vacuum zipper bag. Seal with the vacuum sealer. 2\. Insert Sous Vide into the water container. (Make sure the water level is between the MAX and MIN mark) Set the time and temperature. 3\. Place the bag into the water bath. 4\. Throwing it on the grill, or by broiling it. Technical specifications: Voltage: 100-120V-60HZ Heating Power: 1100 W Min Water Level: 3.15 inches Max Water Level: 6.30 inches Safety: Bi-Metal Fuse Default Cooking Time: 2 hours Default Temperature: 55°C Package included: 1 * Sous Vide Stick 1 * Recipe Book 1 * User Manual View Details

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