Sterno Delivery 70516 Insulated Food Carrier Delivery - Large

  • Seamless Liner - No Seams. No Leaks. No Bacteria
  • 2X thicker insulation foam helps keep hot food hot, and cold food cold for longer
  • Super tough, tear-resistant vinyl liner and reinforced stitching holds up against the rigorous demands of the food service industry
  • Includes a zipper lid and picnic basket carry strap
  • Holds 3 Meal Containers sized 9" x 9" x 3"

It's Your Brand. Protect it. Our Sterno Delivery Insulated Food Carriers (IFC's) are built for delivery and are designed to maintain the quality and safety of your food against the rigorous demands of the Food Service Industry. The 70516 IFC Delivery - Large is a great fit for a basic food delivery option. It is our standard high quality IFC with a zipper lid and picnic basket carry strap. All of our IFC liners are easy-to-clean and seamless, which means there are no holes that sauces or liquids can seep through to form mold, bacteria and odors. Our multi-layered insulation foam is two times thicker than other bags; this helps protect your food from outside temperatures and keeps hot food hot, and cold food cold for longer periods of time. The super tough, tear resistant vinyl liner holds up to the abuses of the industry and include a 5-year Leak-Proof Liner Warranty. All Sterno Delivery IFC's are assembled in the U.S.A. For over 100 years the Sterno name has been synonymous with quality and performance in professional food service, home entertaining, camping and emergency preparedness. Today, Sterno delivers the most comprehensive line of portable warming, emergency illumination, butane appliances and catering products to the retail market. We share our customers’ commitment to the environment and continually strive to improve our manufacturing and marketing practices to reduce our impact on the earth. Our iron-clad commitment to excellence ensures perfect performance every time. View Details

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