TigerChef TC-20480 Methanol Chafing Fuel Gel Cans, Burns 2.5 Hours, 7 oz Capacity (Pack of 72)

  • - CHOOSE THE BEST: Tiger Chef's chafer 2.5 hour gel fuel cans are the hottest and longest burning ethanol fuel on the market!
  • - SPILL FREE: This non-explosive gel will remain a solid while burning to prevent a spill if tipped over. It's environmentally friendly and clean burning.
  • - ODORLESS AND CLEAN BURNING: Our Chafing Fuel Cans are non-poisonous and deliver a clean burning. Use the same odorless and clean burning gel used by food service professionals
  • - IGNITES IMMEDIATELY: Ignites immediately and burns steadily and generates the maximum heat to keep food temperatures safe.
  • - THE ONLY CHAFING FUEL GEL CANS WITH 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence because we offer a Money Back Guarantee if you do not love this product!

Tiger Chef Gel Fuel - 7 oz Can - Methanol Chafing Fuel Gel Cans - 2.5 Hour Choose the best for your chafers with Tiger Chef's chafer 2.5 hour gel fuel cans. The hottest and longest burning Methanol fuel on the market! Its gelled formula provides a higher heat output than conventional wick fuels and allows approximately 2.5 hours of burn time. It is also easy to light, odorless, and burns clean without leaving residue. It delivers high-quality heat that burns hotter, longer, and safer than comparable fuels. Tiger Chef Gel Fuel - 7 oz Can - Methanol Chafing Fuel Gel Cans - 2.5 Hour Stands Out from the Crowd with its great features: Odorless and Clean Burning Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel Cooking fuel is non-toxic, biodegradable and water soluble Each can burns up to 2.5-hour Non Explosive Spill Free. View Details

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