Greenscapes Bio Fuel Reusable Burner Can (4 Pack), White

  • Organic All Natural and Nontoxic
  • Cost Effective: less expensive than traditional cooking and warming fuel and lasts twice as long as a single can of Sterno cooking fuel
  • Environmentally Friendly: made in the USA using only all natural, organic and non-hazardous materials. Our fuel is also easily biodegradable and produces less carbon emissions than our competitors
  • Reusable/Refillable: Biofuel fuel cans can be reused and refilled to prevent unnecessary waste and to save our customers money in the long run
  • Great for home, camping, catering, and emergencies
  • Unlimited Shelf Life

Greenscapes Biofuel can is reusable, refillable and can holds enough fuel to burn for 5-7 hours. This product is USDA approved for food use. Biofuel is excellent for use in camping, backpacking, home, catering, first aid and emergency preparedness. Biofuel is the only cooking and warming fuel you'll ever need! Made in the USA of 100% all natural materials and non-toxic ingredients. Biofuel is the result of a 12 year research and development effort to create a safer and greener cooking and warming fuel. View Details

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