Cast Iron Cleaner and Care Kit: Seasoning Oil, Metal Chain Mail Scrubber, 2 Plastic Pan Scrapers and Silicone Hot Handle Cover - Cleaning Accessories Set to Scrub and Clean Skillet, Pot or Dutch Oven

  • PROTECT AND MAINTAIN: Our cast iron oil acts as a conditioner to prolong the lifespan of cookware.
  • TOUGH CLEANING POWER: The stainless steel chainmail scrubber thoroughly cleans without scratching.
  • VERSATILE PAN SCRAPER: Scraping tools quickly brush away grime on both flat and grill style pans.
  • NON-SLIP COVERS: Protect hands from heat up to 475 degrees with our silicone grip hot handle holder.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Enjoy our lifetime satisfaction guarantee; contact us with any problems.

Cast Iron Cookware when cared for correctly can **last a lifetime**. Our Ultimate Cast Iron Kit is perfect for helping you do that. If not for you, this kit makes for an excellent gift to that cook in your life. Each piece in our kit is intended to help with your cast iron before, during, and after use. **Included in your kit:** 1x Chainmail Scrubber. 1x Cast Iron Oil. 1x Silicone Hot Handle Holder. 1x Pan Scraper With Teeth. 1x Pan Scraper with Multiple Straight & Curved Edges. **Quality** \- Each piece in our kit was sourced from the highest quality material. Food grade stainless steel, premium silicone, 100% natural oil and high end plastic. We promise no rusting, chipping or any other deformations. **Easy Clean Up** \- Each piece is dishwasher safe or easily washable by hand with warm water. Smooth surfaces on the handle holder and scrapers allow for a complete clean. **Multi-Functional** \- Although most of our kit was designed with your cast iron cookware in mind. Our kit will still work great with many other cookware accessories found in your kitchen like your waffle maker, wok, stainless steel cookware, glassware, pyrex, baking pan, cookie sheet, pie pans and more! If you care about making sure your cookware has a long lifespan, then this is the kit for you. Buy with confidence knowing you have a company that truly stands behind their products. We know you'll be happy with it. However, if for any reason you are not...just reach out to us and we'll **make things right, NO questions asked.** View Details

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