Silicone stretch lids – Pack of 6 , Blue colour stretchable food storage covers to fit various size containers| Reusable, Expandable and Durable , Microwave and Dishwasher safe

  • 👑 SUPERIOR QUALITY! 👑Not all silicone lids are made equal. Some will not stretch, some will easily tear apart, some are not airtight and some are really thin. We have addressed all these issues and brings you a set of food covers with superior quality! AWESOME!
  • 💪 REUSABLE FOR MANY TIMES! 💪The thickness allows the lids to be used over and over again without losing the shape for many years. Will not tear or warp in different temperatures since these are tested to work perfectly within -40 to 450 degrees. This is also Dishwasher and Microwave safe. UNIQUE!
  • 🎇 COMPATIBLE! 🎇Works with many different sizes and shapes of containers. It is also Microwave safe, Freezer safe and Dishwasher safe making your life that much easier. HELPFUL!
  • 💸 RISK FREE! 💸With highly quality sturdy design, no more dealing with cheap food wraps. We're so confident about our products that we've backed them up with an iron-clad 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee. INCREDIBLE!
  • 🌷 100% SAFE ! 🌷Our stretchable Silicone food covers are made of 100% FDA approved silicone and making them non-toxic and BPA Free. AMAZING!

**With CANDID Silicone Stretch lids** **make your life more comfortable and convenient... ** Say good-bye to plastic wrap with these silicone stretch top lids that easily stretch over cups, jars, bowls, plates, even cut fruit and vegetables. They stretch, fold, fit all container shapes and sizes. * **Reusable over and over** Not affected by constant use and will last indefinitely. * **Keep your food more fresh** These lids preserve food in the refrigerator, prolonging food's freshness and preventing contamination. They are ideal for storing leftovers, taking dishes to potluck, stacking bowls, unfinished drinks or any leftover fruits and vegetables. Interior ribbing ensures a secure fit. * **Handy and time saving** They are air tight so it will not spill and order free. By pressing down on the top, you can even create a vacuum seal. Very space efficient when compared to normal lids. Easy to clean and store. Tabs for easy placement and removal. * **Multifunctional** Its versatility and ability to withstand to high temperatures make it safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. Strong grip can be used to open lids of the bottles. Steady a bowl when you mix. Tips to use Silicone lids are emailed to every purchaser so that you can get the best out of your purchase. Click **Add to Cart** at the top of the page and relax, knowing you made the right decision. **Enjoy using our top quality CANDID Silicon Stretch Lids.** View Details

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