Sunshine Mason Co. Vintage Blue Color Pint Size (16 ounce, 473 mL) Regular Mouth Glass Mason Jars 6 Pieces

  • Regular Mouth Pint Size Glass Mason Jars
  • Beautiful Vintage Blue Color
  • Box of Six Jars Without Lids. Uses Any Regular Mouth Lids.
  • Sunshine Mason Co. Logo and Measurements Embossed on 3 sides, One Side Blank.
  • Hand Wash Only

Sunshine Mason Co. pint size (16 ounce, 473 mL) regular mouth vintage blue glass mason jars, 6 pieces. Six mason jars without lids, packed in strong divided cardboard boxes. Use with any regular mouth mason jar lids, including Sunshine Mason Co. lids in a variety of colors and styles. Jar has four sides, a side blank for labeling, a side with Sunshine Mason Co. logo, a side with graduated measurements in cups and ounces, and a side with graduated measurements in mL. Hand wash only. View Details

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