Best Choice Products Kids Living Room Armrest Sofa Chair Lounge Set w/ 2 Cushions - Blue

  • Give your toddler a perfectly sized sofa that they can sit, flop, or dive on for years to come!
  • Includes 2 adorable strawberry pillows with three-dimensional "caps" and oval "seeds"; pillow covers have zippers for easy washing
  • The fabric is as soft as a baby's blanket and there's plenty of cushioning to keep your toddler feeling comfortable and cozy
  • Lightweight, easy to clean, and ideal for a playroom or bedroom to watch TV, read, or take naps!
  • Overall Dimensions: 34.5"(L) x 19.5"(W) x 17.5"(H); Weight Capacity: 165 lbs.

Your toddler loves things that are "their size." This toddler-sized sofa is made with super-soft fabric, so children are sure to feel cozy and comfortable when they take a seat or lay down. Two extra-plush, strawberry pillows are the "berry on top" to this foam-padded loveseat! And parents, it's easy to spot clean, there's hardly any assembly required, and you can put it anywhere in your home. Give your kid an adorable couch that they can truly call their own! **Specifications:** Overall Dimensions: 34.5"(L) x 19.5"(W) x 17.5"(H) Armrests: 19.5"(L) x 4.5"(W) x 8"(H) Backrest: 31.5"(L) x 3"(W) x 11.5"(H) Seat: 22.75"(L) x 13.75"(W) Floor-to-Seat: 6"(H) Cushion: 10.5"(L) x 5.75"(W) x 14.5"(H) Weight Capacity: 165 lbs. Weight: 21 lbs. Material: Wood, Sponge, Fabric, Fleece Minimal assembly required (with instructions) **Package Includes:** Sofa (2) Strawberry pillows BCP SKU: SKY4260 View Details

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