Milliard Tri Fold Ottoman Cover ONLY for The 31" Mattress, 4" Thick

  • Store your trifold in style! This fashionable cover in neutral gray blends with almost any décor to be as fashionable as it is functional.
  • Keeps dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants off your fresh, clean mattress.
  • A quick slip is all it takes to safely store your mattress for the next time it's needed. No surprises before bedtime!
  • Designed for use while being stored. Even after your guests have gone, your mattress remains just as practical. Put your feet up when folded and your head up when unfolded.
  • This skirt ONLY fits the Milliard 75" x 31" cot-size Trifold mattress in 4-inch thickness (MIL-HK612-4-31). It does NOT fit our Twin size mattresses and does not fit our 6" thick mattresses. Trifold mattress is NOT INCLUDED.

So, you've bought a Milliard Trifold Mattress, and you've enjoyed the slim, yet sumptuous sleep it can offer, but now it's waiting in storage for your next nap and getting dusty in the meantime. What can you do? You could dust it off now and then in the hope that it's not too dirty when you need it, but we have a better solution. Our Trifold Storage Skirt is the ideal accessory for your portable mattress to keep it neat and tidy. It's specially fitted to keep your mattress taught and free from wrinkles, but it still slips on easily to keep it sealed against dust, dirt, moisture, and airborne pollutants during storage. A restful bed to host your guests now transforms into a comfortable place to rest your legs in a matter of seconds. Just slide it in for an attractive package in neutral gray that matches well with most décor. All Milliard products are manufactured with safety, quality, and comfort in mind and we are glad to make our consumers' satisfaction our #1 goal. Don't forget to try our other great products! View Details

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