Sams Club Home Meridian Lift Chair Hand Control With Heat & Massage

  • Heat/Massage Hand Control Found on Home Meridian and Other Model Lift Chairs
  • Has 8 Pin Male Plug that Plugs into Control Box Under Chair
  • Plugs into Control Box Under Chair
  • Don't Be Confused by the Cord Coming Out the Back of the Chair with 2 Pins; That is NOT the Hand Control Cord!
  • Please See Product Description Section Below for More Information

It is a black "figure eight" shaped control with the heat, massage and zone buttons on the top and middle, and the up/down and power buttons at the bottom. It has a longer straight cord that goes under the chair and plugs into the control box with a 90 degree eight pin plug. ANOTHER NOTE: There has been confusion from end users over where this hand control plugs in; folks see the cord coming out of the back of the chair that goes to the transformer behind the chair and assume that that is the hand control cord - it is not; this hand control plugs directly into a square five inch control box mounted under the chair. View Details

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