Intex Queen 20 Inch DuraBeam Supreme Air Flow Airbed Mattress w/Built in Pump

  • Raised 20-inch queen inflatable air bed
  • Includes 110-120V built-in pump for speedy inflation and deflation
  • Fiber-Tech construction uses lightweight, high-strength fibers for durability and comfort
  • Features includes plush Velvetaire fabric surfaces
  • Network of interconnected air pockets on top and sides of the bed create smooth airflow for comfort and stability

When you're in the middle of an intense camping trek, the last thing you need is a bad night's sleep. Ensure a quality sleep, no matter where you are, with the Intex Queen 20-Inch DuraBeam Supreme Air Flow Mattress. Made from Fiber- Tech construction, this mattress has been enhanced with lightweight fibers that promise comfort. Forget saggy air mattresses- this mattress' air pocket system improves its internal construction and prevents sagging. The three layer Airpocket pillowtop system includes a small vent to allow any air accumulated between the pillowtop and the main air chamber to slowly escape for better comfort. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, regardless of where they are. Get a quality sleep with the Queen 20-Inch DuraBeam Supreme Air Flow Mattress from Intex. View Details

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