Honbay 16pcs Plastic Bag Sealer Clips Sticks Keep Bags Air Water Tight Never Waste Food Again 2 Different Sizes, Thin and Compact for Easy Storage Fully Reusable ZipLock No Moving Parts

  • Airtight Seal :These Clips Provide a Complete & Perfect Seal to Keep Food Completely Fresh. Enjoy Your Food For Much Longer! Control Your Portions For A Healthier Lifestyle.
  • Water Tight Seal : Not a single drop of water or liquid comes out when you use these clips.
  • Easy to USe : Not only are these the best bag sealers on the market, they are super simple to use, simply fold bag over and slide ZipLock on. They work on chip bags, coffee bags, frozen vegetable bags, salad bags, candy, and herbs/spices, etc.
  • Thin and Compact: Store these thin rods easily in your drawers unlike traditional clips which hog up valuable storage space.
  • For All Types of Plastic Bags: 16 Pieces in Total, 2 Sizes: Small and Large Caters for of Your Plastic Bags.

Products descriptions: The product is suitable for homes, offices, restaurants and other places. Works for all kinds of plastic bags: Including Potato Chip bags, Frozen Vegetable bags, Salad bags, Candy, Herbs & Spices, and much more. Features; 1\. Easy to use, durable, is an essential thing to use for home 2\. It can be recycled, saving and convenient 3\. The cylindrical clip mouth, can seal bags beautifully 4\. Serrated bit cards make it not easy to loose after sealing 5\. Colors send randomly. Package included: 16*Bag Sealer Clips Sticks View Details

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